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We run our Pyro Holidays only from April to June each year. Places are limited so early booking is advisable.

April to June are the months when all around our workshop there are weekend Rocket Festivals taking place as well as the famous Yasathorn Rocket Festival held during the second week of May in the North east of Thailand where you can see giant rockets weighing up to 1000kg being built and launched.

We welcome people with no experience in Pyrotechnics as well as those with years of firework making skills behind them. Our aim is to have each participent make a number of single and multibreak shells from scratch. People who have been out before or those with proven previous building experience may at our discretion be able to build bigger and more complicated shells with minimal supervision.

We offer holidays of 17 and 22 day duration and we plan each trip to include time at our workshop shell building and making other fireworks as well as taking trips around the country to visit places of interest and see the real Thailand. If you want to come with a partner or someone who does not want to take part in the shell building activities we have great alternative activities and trips during the time 'the pyros' are at the workshop.

 Example for 17 day holiday

Day 1

Arrival in Bangkok with pickup from airport and 20 minute drive to your hotel. In the evening we get together for a meal and a drink where everyone can meet up and get to know one another.

Day 2

In the morning a trip to Sakgeow Province in the South East of Thailand where our pyro workshop is located. The afternoon is spent with some basic safety instruction and an introduction to cylinder shell construction techniques. Most evenings we eat outside and shoot stuff at the workshop.

Day 3/4

Day at the workshop making cylinder shells. Learning how to make spollettes, shell cases. Filling shells and spiking. Afternoon trip to the local market.
Making and shooting gasoline fireballs, big fountains, line rats, rockets and wheels. 

Day 5

Visit from an Italian expert fireworker who will guide us through building an authentic multi break Italian cylinder shell.

Day 6

Shell construction, pasting single and multi break shells up to 8 inch. Exciting trip to a local cave where you need to swim through parts of it.

Day 7

Shell construction. Dry wrapping shells.

Day 8

Shell building. Maltese shell construction

Day 9

Road trip to visit places of interest around the province

Day 10

Finishing off our cylinder shells with lift wraps, lift and leaders.

Day 11

Visit to a Thai rocket builder to see a big rocket being made from start to finish.

Day 12

For many the highlight of the holiday ,our display day. Setting up and shooting the cylinder shells we have made.

Day 13/14/15

3 day trip into Cambodia to visit the worlds most visited attraction, the magnificent Khmer Temple of Angkor Wat

Day 16

A day in Bangkok for shopping or join us on a trip to look around the Grand Palace/ take a  long tail boat down the Chao Praya River. An evening out on the town to experience bangkok's nightlife.

Day 17

Transfer from your hotel to the airport for your flight home.



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