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       If you love fireworks
 This is the holiday of a lifetime!


We offer unique holidays where you can learn how to build traditional Italian/American and Maltese style cylinder shells. Learn how to construct all kinds of shells in sizes from 3 to 6 inch diameter single and multibreak as well as fountains, wheels, waterfalls, mines, rockets and other devices. This is a hands on course where under guidance you will make black powder lift and burst charge, stars and shell casings then assemble the shells, spike, paste and fuse them yourself. Between shell building days we visit Thai rocket and girandola builders to see their awesome creations being made and launched.
Thai B.P rockets weigh as much as 1000 kilos and are unique, their construction methods have been passed from generation to generation for over a hundred years and there is nothing quite like them anywhere in the world.
During your trip we take you to fire the shells you have made and see your work light up the sky. Shell making instruction is given by the company owner Paul Moulder who runs a small company making traditional style cylinder shells for private displays.
Fireworks, rocket festivals, great food, day trips and exotic sights makes this is a holiday you will never forget

Some video clips taken over the past 5 years during our holidays

Thank you to Ned Gorski for the first 5 of these which in which he documented a number 
of days during his Pyro holiday with us in 2017.

A selection of clips taken from holidays between 2013 and 2016

This is what some of our Pyro Holiday 
participants said about their holiday.

There are folks who are OK, but with whom you wouldn't want to hang out with for long but this bunch is the best. Paul and Tdoo are wonderful hosts on top of being a great part of the bunch. My wife Molly fitted in and was comfortable with this bunch of Pyros. It's kind of like signing' up to trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. it's challenging but so worth it. Talai Festival….Holy Cow; all we could have asked for, and more. Small ones, big ones, mud pit wrestling', parachutes that worked, some that didn't, perfect machines, CATO's..... really something!
The last 3 weeks have contained so much that it's hard to look back and digest it. Special times which will never be forgotten. I think everyone's going home after gaining some weight, though. Tdu is one heck of a cook. I keep flashing back to Tdoo's voice, Paul's chuckling at our jokes, the hustle and bustle of the streets, the food, and the Bang Fai and Talai festival sensory overloads. The Holiday is sure branded in my brain. The feel of Paul's shop, Paul's shop is ‘da-bomb’ inside and outside, is such a fond memory.
Special times which will never be forgotten. Thanks.
  Ned Gorski - PGI Grandmaster and Host of Forum

Words really escape me about the whole experience. This trip has been extremely awesome and over the top. Paul and Tdoo are the greatest hosts any one could ask for and they go out of their way to make sure you are accommodated. If you are thinking about taking this trip it was the best money I have ever spent and you better sign up before we all decide to do it again next year ! Italian shell building with Alfredo Martarello was a great day learning from an old Italian master who made it look effortless!
I think the best part of the trip was heading out for our shoot of the shells we built, definitely something you couldn't do back in the states. The trip has been beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks Paul, Tdoo, Tom, Whitney, Ned and Molly! Incredible memories I will never forget!
You and Dtoo have made this 'Bangkok Pyro Holiday' something very special! Ever pyro should give this holiday a try. THANKS AGAIN and until we meet again……PGI 2019 ? 
 Bob Hollenback - Sales Representative for Young Explosives and PGI Competition Chairman

The past three weeks have been beyond magnificent. Absolutely the adventure of a lifetime. A totally fantastic combo of great pyro learning, great food, and great adventures, both pyro and cultural. I really can't recommend this trip highly enough! Paul and Tdoo (and Poo and Mong in supporting roles) have been the greatest hosts one could hope for. The first week in the shop was a huge learning experience for us all, sharing what we came with and what Paul could add to that - and that was a lot! The cultural visits to temples, silk weavers, Angkor Wat and numerous others were wonderful. The big rocket and Talai festivals were over the top! The previous three weeks memories I will treasure forever. If you've ever thought about doing this, stop thinking and start doing before it is too late! Tdoo is a FANTASTIC cook, and fed us spectacularly.Thanks Tdoo!
   Tom Dimock - Author of The Incomplete Book of Girandolas.

We thought two weeks in Thailand making shells with Paul from Bangkok Pyro could be interesting.
We thought it was the best two weeks we had spent anywhere, doing anything in a LONG time.
Paul knows his stuff and more importantly how to teach it. Three manufacturing novices made and fired their multibreak shells, mines, waterfalls and fountains.
Nothing is too much trouble for Paul and his fantastic wife Tdu. Airport pick up, meals (FANTASTIC), rocket festivals.......seeing a 1000Kg B.P rocket NOT MAKE IT! 
Plenty to do and see and then spend a couple of days in Pattaya!
If you are thinking about doing this trip don't will not be disappointed! 
We already are thinking about our return trip
Steve Lawrence - Director - Geelong Fireworks Australia

I just came back from a 2 week pyro course with Bangkok Pyro. It was one of the most fun filled
holidays I’ve ever been on.  Making your own product and understanding the workings of an aerial shell is amazing.
Also spending time at rocket festivals and being a part of it all is an incredible experience. 
Paul and Tdu are amazing people and are willing to do whatever it takes to make the holiday that bit more enjoyable and with no strict time limits we also got time to do the touristy thing and have a look around which was fantastic
. I went there not knowing much and without asking any questions Paul with his vast know-how gave a detailed explanation for everything.
I had a blast and will be returning for more advanced courses in the future.
A huge thank you to Paul and Tdu for the company and good times.
     Liam Rickards.
Well what can one say after two weeks of building your own canister shells in the traditional Italian/American way, this would have to be the most enjoyable two weeks I’ve ever spent... intermingled with trips to rocket festivals and tours around the rural community. 
Paul and his lovely wife Dtu were the perfect hosts, we never wanted for anything during our time with them.
Dtu is a wonderful cook.
Paul’s workshop is set in a picturesque rural district with magnificent views and mountains. We were fortunate to be able to learn many of Paul’s extensive pyrotechnic skills in his very tidy airconditioned workshop. Probably one of the most noticeable points of Paul’s traits was his pronoungnced attention to detail, accuracy and safety. From the minute we arrived at the airport, we were looked after like royalty and nothing was too much trouble for our hosts. 
Rural Thailand is a fascinating, beautiful and intriguing place offering much to see and do… it’s friendly people and their way of life facinating. W
hat a great combination Paul and Dtu, with Bangkok Pyro, have put together. I can’t recommend their professionalism and hospitality highly enough. I had a ball and I’ll back next year.
  David Ward. Australia

I want to thank you once again for your  help, enthusiasm and hospitality during our stay in Thailand. It was a pleasure working with you. 
     Jesse Ververka. Passfire Film Maker  U.S.A

Just wanted to say thank you Paul and Tdoo from Bangkok Pyro for the awesome June 2013 Pyro trip! It was my first experience overseas and I had not had much experience in making fireworks.
It was refreshing to learn from Paul, somebody that actually knows what they are doing and explains everything clearly.
The manufacturing facility is spacious, perfectly set up and has a lot of tooling/equipment as well as firework books and reading material.  Every day we were treated like Kings with an amazing breakfast, lunch and Dinner made by Paul’s wife Tdoo who did a fantastic job.
Bangkok Pyro took our group on expeditions around Sakgeow Province. We went to a Thai rocket festival and to see a rocket made by a local Thai rocket maker. It was a great time I will never forget. I Highly recommend this holiday even if you have never made a firework before, it was a good learning experience.
     Will Bishop. Australia

We were just reminiscing about the Pyro Holiday trip. We had a great time. I really did enjoy my time at the workshop with you. I want to come back already! I don't have any pyro friends here
so it was fun building with other like minded folks. Tdoo was a wonderful hostess and we appreciate all you and she did for us. She worked hard to make sure everyone was well taken care of. Want to come back for more authentic Thai food! And more of everything!
If you are up for an adventure this is it! 
Bruce and Charmel Peel.   U.S.A

I highly recommend my holiday with Bangkok Pyro. Much I learned about firework sheIls and big rockets. The country, the Thai food and the hotel all great. Thank you for such a memorable holiday
Thomas Mesman. Netherlands

You absolutely, positively should make this trip. No matter what else you might do with your money you’ll have more fun and better memories if you spend it with Paul & Dtoo in Thailand.
Paul will teach you in a few hours what it would take you weeks or months to learn on your own.
ll of the events you will attend will include a preposterously, ineffably weird cast of characters
and experiences – even weirder than your pyro buddies back home – and a whole lot stranger.
Paul and Dtoo are true delights; they will always be welcome in my home.
Don Strandberg  U.S.A

 Definitely one of the most unique and fun pyro things I've ever done. I can't tell you how awesome it was. Paul has a meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship, and pyro artistry. His shop is very well equipped and comfortable. Making shells far bigger and better than I have ever done, while jamming to old Steve Miller in the beautiful Thai countryside is a memory I will take to the grave. Paul and his wife were phenomenal hosts and ambassadors for Thailand, and made travel there effortless and worry free. The food was unbelievably good too! The rocket festivals were something that has to be seen to be believed. Standing anywhere near one of the big ones as they are launched was like being behind a 747 at takeoff. Total sensory assault!
   Art Cox USA



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