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   Wood Types.

We produce shell case formers in a range of S.E Asian wood types as well as a few in very rare exotic woods. Our formers are not mass produced by machine each one is unique and turned by hand with hand held cutting tools. The rough former then undergoes a process of fine sanding and finishing using Teak Oil to give it a smooth very slightly tapered finish before being given a protective coating of special wax

We carry a few of the smaller sizes in stock but most sizes over 2 1/2 inch diameter are only made to order.
After finishing each former is checked by rolling a shell casing around it to ensure it can be removed easily from the former after pleating down one end. We strongly believe in conservation and preserving the environment and obtain all our wooden billets either from tree farms or old wood from demolished houses, boats, furniture and harbour piers. Every wooden billet is careful chosen from seasoned or kiln dried wood to ensure they will not split or crack.


Teak Natural Oiled and Laquered

Golden Teak
Latin Name: Tectona Grandis Linn

A large deciduous tree growing up to 40 mts tall Teak is native to Asia and found in India, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia. Teak is the most pest and rot resistant wood and finds wide use in housing timbers in Asia as termites will not attack it. It will not readily catch fire and can withstand harsh weather and chemicals. Teak is one of the worlds most valuable timbers and finds uses where good weather resistance is needed. It is used in furniture making, harbour piles, and boat decks. The decks of the Titanic were made from Teak and are still mostly intact at the bottom of the ocean today. Teak contains a natural oil and needs little protective finishing to maintain it in good condition. This wood looks it's best when treated with Teak Oil.

Natural and Laquered Makha

Makha - Pahudia - Maramond
Latin Name: Pahudia Cochinchenesis

This very rare and attractive wood is almost twice as hard as Teak and makes the Rolls Royce of case formers. Found  mostly in S.E Asia Makha is wood is used in boat building, fine furniture, gun stocks, flooring and musical instruments. It is sometimes known as Burl Wood for it's attractive colouration and grain patterns. Trees grow to over 40 mts tall and can reach 2 mts in diameter. The colour ranges from light to dark brown with a wide range of grain patterns and markings.

Mai Daeng - Red Wood - Pyinkado - Iron Wood
Latin Name: Xylia Xylocarpa.

Native to S and S.E Asia this deep redish brown wood has a dense fine grain, is very heavy and rock hard. Used to make door and window frames, flooring and furniture as well as support posts in houses.

Natural and Laquered Para

Rubber Tree Wood - Caoutchou
Yang Para - Hevea Caucho
Latin Name Hevea Brasiliensis.

The tree from which Latex comes from.
A hardwood that looks very much like Maple originaly from the Amazon basin area but now grown in many countries worldwide including Uganda, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Fast growing tree that reaches up to 25 mt in height and up to 30 cm in diameter the wood is very hard and has a similar appearance and grain pattern to Maple. Used for wood panelling, household utensils, stair cases and window and door frames.
Rubber wood is also used in large quantities for charcoal production in Thailand.

Jack fruit Wood - Khanun
Pan de Fruta - Jacquier
Latin Name: Artocarpus Heterophyllus.

Growing to around 21 mts tall this evergreen tree is common in East Africa, Brazil and parts of S.E Asia. The tree is part of the Mulberry family . Although not as strong as Teak the wood is concidered superior for making furniture  and musical instruments as well as masts for ships and boat oars.

Mango Tree Wood
Latin Name: Mangifera Indica

An attractive light to dark brown wood with some even having a pink tinge to it. Mango is a fast growing tree common in many countries around the world. It has a fine to medium grained texture often with interlocking and figured grain and is used mainly in furniture making.

Tamarind Wood - Bangla - Sampaloc  Makham - Tamarindo
Latin Name: Tamarindus Indica.

A very dense, heavy and  hard wood. Found in Africa, Brazil , U.S.A and S.E Asia.
It is extremely durable and highly prized for making mallets, pestles and mortars furniture and wood panelling.
In Thailand it is also used for making Charcoal for Gunpowder production. The wood is so dense and hard it is difficult to work and blunts most woodworking tools quickly. Comes in a wide range of dark reddish browns often with swirl patterns in the grain.

Rosewood. Padauk - Shisham - kalaruk  Payung
Latin Name: Pterocarpus Macrocarpus

Durable and hard this wood is found in many subtropical climates. Colour ranges from rose to dark purple brown. Used mainly in making furniture the wood has high bending and crushing strength. Large seasoned pieces of this wood are becoming impossible to find.
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